Aircraft Tools

Applied Fasteners and Tooling (AFT) has been supplying specialised products and technical support to the Aerospace and Defence industries since 2014. From aircraft tools to aerospace fasteners, we deliver exceptional quality for your fastener and tooling needs.

Our tools and fasteners are certified for military programs (AS9120), and we are a member of the Victorian Defence Alliance (VDA) and the Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN).

Comprehensive Support for Defence and Aerospace Fasteners and Tooling

AFT is more than just a distributor of defence and aerospace tooling solutions. Our team stands alone in providing technical support through each product’s lifecycle. Choose AFT for expertise in design, procurement, production, maintenance, repairs, and training.

Products: Defence and Aerospace Tooling, Consumables, and Fasteners

AFT's product range includes Approved Fasteners, Ball Lok Pins, Cherry Fasteners, Click Bond, and more. We also stock tooling and consumables, including Drill Bits, Countersink Cages, Deburring Tools, and Sealant Guns, among others.

Brands: The Best Names in Aircraft Tools, Fasteners, and Consumables

Some of the brands available from AFT include Click Bond, Cherry Aerospace, Perfect Point, Monogram Aerospace Fasteners and Digitool Solutions. Explore our full range of brands for more information.